Hey Lady, 

Have you ever been upgraded to business class on a flight?
I know – it’s like the mythical unicorn of traveling.

There you are, economy tickets clutched in your clammy, stress-travelled hand when your check-in peep/angel of airfare tells you that you’ve been upgraded.

Cue the jaw drop and sixty-second happy dance to end all happy dances.
Cos, come on, it’s kind of a big deal.

I mean, economy class isn’t bad. It’s still enabling you to fly halfway across the planet and experience sights, sounds, tastes and brilliance you’ve never experienced before.

In fact, when you look at it that way, economy class is pretty bad-ass.

But it’s also a group experience. You’re traveling with other people around you and there isn’t that one-on-one personalised attention and care like there is in business class.

Because you’ve nearly finished Bootcamp (yay you!), and you’re probably wondering “now what?”

How can you continue to grow your design biz?
How can you continue to get bigger and better and more successful?
How can you bring in more money … but work less hours and support the lifestyle you’ve always wanted?

Easy. You upgrade.

This is what some previous Bootcampers who took
up the 1:1 mentoring with me afterwards have to say….. 

“After finishing Anna’s Design Biz Bootcamp, where I was able to work out the foundations of my business like my niche and the processes I needed to put in place to make my business run smoother.  I then decided I needed extra help with what to do next so I signed up for Anna’s 1:1 mentoring program. SERIOUSLY THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE! I was already feeling good about getting my foundations sorted from the Bootcamp but joining Anna 1:1 pushed me to the next level.

While working with Anna I was able to completely rebuild my website, implement a Sales Funnel and even design an E-Course. Anna pushed me way out of my comfort zone and has made me a more confident Graphic Designer. She is a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to answer my sometimes silly questions! Even now that I have finished the 1:1 mentoring Anna has checked in with me to make sure I’m still on track, which is amazing. Anna is worth investing in and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so again in the future.” – KYLIE BIGGS 

I completed Design Biz Bootcamp in late 2017 and it helped me streamline my business goals and procedures, as well as face some hard truths about my aspirations and when to say no! So far in 2018 I have only worked for my ideal client and am full to the brim with work at least a month in advance.

Following on from bootcamp I continued to work with Anna as my mentor. She has helped me not only refine my existing business but start a second business that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I’ve learnt so much and definitely, would not be where I am now without her sage advice and guidance!’ – SARAH LINKLATER 
“Anna’s Design Biz Bootcamp was great to work through the fundamentals of running your own design business, enabling you to work smarter not harder. The weekly lessons and worksheets are perfect for self-paced learning and invaluable resources to refer back to. Bootcamp was great, because it really gave me the confidence to define what work and clients I want to pursue, to really go after them, and to charge accordingly. Anna’s processes are so surprisingly simple yet effective and she sets them out so that they are easy to follow and implement — a real gem!
I followed Bootcamp up with Anna’s 1:1 mentoring package which was just what I needed to really implement everything I learnt in bootcamp and take my business to the next level. With the help of Anna’s clear direction and actionable steps — and her holding me accountable to the deliverables we discussed — I rebuilt my website and streamlined my business processes through clear communication and client management processes. Without Anna’s guidance I wouldn’t have pushed my brand design and content as far as I did, transforming a freelance portfolio site into a full studio website complete with downloadable client kits and resources.” – FRANKIE YOUNG