Hey Lady, 

Have you ever been upgraded to business class on a flight?
I know – it’s like the mythical unicorn of traveling.

There you are, economy tickets clutched in your clammy, stress-travelled hand when your check-in peep/angel of airfare tells you that you’ve been upgraded.

Cue the jaw drop and sixty-second happy dance to end all happy dances.
Cos, come on, it’s kind of a big deal.

I mean, economy class isn’t bad. It’s still enabling you to fly halfway across the planet and experience sights, sounds, tastes and brilliance you’ve never experienced before.

In fact, when you look at it that way, economy class is pretty bad-ass.

But it’s also a group experience. You’re traveling with other people around you and there isn’t that one-on-one personalised attention and care like there is in business class.

Because you’ve nearly finished Bootcamp (yay you!), and you’re probably wondering “now what?”

How can you continue to grow your design biz?
How can you continue to get bigger and better and more successful?
How can you bring in more money … but work less hours and support the lifestyle you’ve always wanted?

Easy. You upgrade.

Moving forward, I will be offering my 1:1 mentoring opportunities to bootcampers first
(you have until Friday 8th Dec or until spots are sold out) and then after that will open my offer up to the public.











Which means:

1. You’re eligible!
2. Spots are extremely limited.
3. You get a Bootcamp discount of 15% 

In fact, I only have FOUR spots available.



Mentoring will kick off either prior to Christmas
or in the New Year, whenever you are ready.